Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good times and Bad Times

So, like any good daughter would do, I went home for Mother's Day and bought her some pretty little roses for her garden. Later that day it was the Ukrainian Folk Arts Festival down at the Ukee Hall, so we all went there for Mom's Day too (my brother and sister were both dancing in it). It was just a little ukrainian show of many dance performances with little kids from 7-18. Woo. There was also a ukrainian family band named the Raging Hutzles; and let me tell you they were raging all right. When they played, someone backstage kept flicking the lights in the hall on and off. Lol. All of it was pretty lame, but lots of lame fun too. I miss dancing, when I was there we did some pretty awesome shows in Toronto.

So then I had to go home and work the next day with the Asian Rainman. God I hate those pants...

(For your information, use pencil crayon BEFORE putting lead pencil down ;) )


Sarah said...

The Ukranian folk art festival sounds like so much fun!

Guillaume said...

Lalala I'm browsing through people's old posts'. And what do I see, Ukrainian folklore!? Awesome!! You actually used to do traditionnal Ukrainian dancing? Me too! (I'm not kidding) Cool stuff, I really like the girl with the vacuum too, she's got a feeling we can all identify with.