Thursday, April 19, 2007


Holy done, Batman!

Well, there's 8 whole months in only 2 minutes. But I think it was worth it. Since I hear that you can't advertise your film if you want it in festivals, here's a teaser poster. Eventually one day I'll post the movie for all to see on the great-wide internet. I did the line art for the poster, while Rob Krete painted it since I can't paint well. All the background kids are us who worked on the film. There's me!
Sorry for those of you who've been checking in without an update here - my film took up all of my time. But now I have nothing to do and I kind of I need to do work...
Is that a bad thing? ;) Maybe I'll actually sketch for myself.
I wonder how this summer will go for my blog. I may or may not be scannerless out in Halifax. We'll see :)
Cheers! And excellent films everyone!! :D