Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Thanks for the idea. Gimli looked like a rice puff when he sat down, hence the rice puff.


Tapan Gandhi said...

halya, my thoughts are with you and ur family.. he looked soooo cute!

nice sketches ;)

Jarrett said...

lovely work here!

ken said...

cute! top right is great, love the expression

Phil ROD said...

My spooooon, isss to big.
My Spoon, is to big.
every body dance now yaaaaa
life is good yaaaaaa
this is fun yaaaaaaa
I have mental problems yaaaaaaaa
I am the lizard Queen
Now GO forth and Destroy in the name Of your Queen. :(

Halya said...


MadameGaston said...

hahah thats adorable!

harshvardhan kadam said...

nice and expressive characters.....cool

Mike Barth said...

these are great sketches Halya!!

I love the sharks... nice form.
stupid hammerheads!!

good luck going into third year!, not sure how much its changed since i was there, but should be lots o' fun.