Thursday, April 19, 2007


Holy done, Batman!

Well, there's 8 whole months in only 2 minutes. But I think it was worth it. Since I hear that you can't advertise your film if you want it in festivals, here's a teaser poster. Eventually one day I'll post the movie for all to see on the great-wide internet. I did the line art for the poster, while Rob Krete painted it since I can't paint well. All the background kids are us who worked on the film. There's me!
Sorry for those of you who've been checking in without an update here - my film took up all of my time. But now I have nothing to do and I kind of I need to do work...
Is that a bad thing? ;) Maybe I'll actually sketch for myself.
I wonder how this summer will go for my blog. I may or may not be scannerless out in Halifax. We'll see :)
Cheers! And excellent films everyone!! :D


Yuriy Sivers said...


Halya! Good Job on your FilM! You guys did it!

belinha said...
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Ewen said...

Indeed Monster Backpack was one of the nicer films out of the bunch.
Our film is already out there on the internets, no festivus for us.

Are you going to change the music though? I think you'd need a license for The Egg and I to show it around.

un, deux, trois, quatre.....

Yuriy Sivers said...

Give us your Halifax update!